Plastic Plugs, Tips, Hand Wheels, Adjustable Glides

Square Plug -Champagne FitRound Metal Threaded End Plug P305Ajustable Glide 40mm dia Base

Caford sells a range of plastic closure plugs in round, square, rectangular and oval shapes, including threaded plastic plugs.

Caford also sell a range of plastic furniture tips in round and square shapes.To enable attachment of of castors and glides to horizontially mounted furniture tube as in display stand legs, there is also a range of plastic pintle plugs listed.

A range of male and female Threaded Round, Sculptured, and Tri-Knob hand wheels with metric and imperial threads are sold and featured in our catalogue too.

To complement the Threaded Closure Plugs a range of Threaded Ajustable Glides are also offered.

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